Writing Max-Externals in C

In 2005/06 Chikashi Miyama taught a course in writing externals for MaxMSP in C.
The course material can be downloaded here.

Xcode Example Projects can be downloaded form cycling74.



resample~  is a MaxMSP external that does high quality resampling

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This is a small collection of externals made for the programming environment Max/MSP (Cycling’74). Please note that this is not an official release of verified usefulness and stability :) Some of these objects are still in a sort of “experimental” state. So please use with care. 
All objects are compiled for osx and should run in max 6.1 and max 5. 

vb.biquad — a biquad filter for streams of floats or ints
vb.listchange — same as [change] but for lists
vb.listdrunk — same as [drunk] but for lists
vb.blit~ — bandlimited impulse oscillator
vb.brown~ — brownian noise generator
vb.cheby~ — a variable order chebyshev filter
vb.chebycoeff — mxj java class for calculating chebyshev filter coefficients of variable order
vb.delayA~ — allpass interpolating delay line with feedback
vb.fbosc~ — feedback oscillator
vb.fbosc2~ — similar to vb.fbosc~ but with signal inlets
vb.FFTWbuf~ — processes non-realtime FFT/iFFT of buffered data of arbitrary size
vb.fourpole~ — a 4-pole lowpass filter
vb.fourses~ — a chaotic oscillator network
vb.freezer~ — freeze audio input into a perfect loop – max6 only
vb.gbuzz~ — impulse generator with spectrum control – max6 only
vb.gbuzz~ for max5 — vb.gbuzz~ for max5
vb.goertzel~ — goertzel filter implementation, to detect presence of a specific frequency component in a signal
vb.jonverb~ — an inexpensive artificial reverb generator after Jon Dattorro
vb.linCongru~ — linear congruential pattern generator
vb.lpcomb~ — an IIR comb filter with onepole lowpass in feedback path
vb.phasor0~ — phasor that changes its frequency only at the beginning of a new ramp
vb.pitch~ — pitch tracker
vb.rand~ — same as [rand~] but with cubic interpolation
vb.sig2bits~ — convert a signal to its bit representation
vb.simper.svf~ — andrew simper’s state variable filter version
vb.stretch~ — extreme audio stretching
vb.thresh~ — same as [thresh~] but with settable gate time
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