dBâle electronic music festival basel



30 may - 1 june 2008


St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19-21

4056 Basel


Every 2-3 years, the Electronic Studio Basel of the Hochschule für Musik organises an international festival presenting re-known artists from abroad as well as from the local electronic music scene.


At this year's dBâle electronic music festival, the theme is interfaces-instruments-installations with the design of electronic instruments and installations taking centre stage.

The music industry in general is still very much focussed on traditional instruments such as keyboards and controllers for the recording studios. Therefore, many artists resort to self-designed hardware and self-developped software to produce and change electronic music live on stage. At dBâle, should you see a computer mouse or a plastic keyboard in a performance  then, in many cases, you will see it in a diverted form, dispossessed from its original functionality, broken up, with changed soldering inside, cables hanging out, re-contextualized and recycled (circuit bending).

The festival's aim is to show what is possible once there are no set frames nor limits to artistic creativity and interpretation of electronic music and electronic sound installations.